• Starters

    • Vegetable Pakora (Mild)

      Onion and vegetable coated in gram flour

    • Chicken Pakora (Mild)

      Chicken tenderloins marinated and deep-fried

    • Onion Bhaji (Medium)

      Green chillies, gram flour and onions

    • Poori: Chicken, Prawns or Mushroom

      Thin pan-fried chapatti in sweet n sour sauce

    • Garlic Mushroom

      Mushroom sautéed in garlic and cream sauce

    • Prawns Cocktail

      Prawns infused in rosemary sauce topped cucumber, tomatoes and paprika

    • Mains

      (Rice, Plain Naan, Chapati or Chips compliments all dishes)

    • Chicken Tikka Masala (Mild)

      Onion -tomato and cashew nut based gravy, with ginger, fenugreek and fresh cream

    • Chicken Tikka Chasni

      Exquisitely creamy sauce with a twist of sweet ‘n’ sour

    • Chicken Tikka Korma

      Mildly spiced chicken breast with tomato, onion, and coconut with fresh cream to finish

    • Chicken or Lamb Bhoona (Mild)

      Tasty condensed sauce with additional ginger-garlic and tomatoes

    • Chicken or Lamb Jaipuri (Mild)

      Semi dried dish cooked with onion, peppers, and mushroom

    • Chicken or Lamb Saag (Mild)

      Spinach cooked with aromatic spices and fresh cream

    • Garlic Chilli Chicken or Lamb (Medium)

      A spicy dish with fresh Green Chillies, garlic and fusion of spices

    • Pind de Choley (v) (Mild)

      Chickpeas simmered in tamarind and fusion of aromatic Punjabi spices

    • Bombay Alloo (v) (Mild)

      Potatoes cooked in a tomato, onion, Klonji and ginger-garlic

    • Chicken or Lamb Tikka (Mild)

      (All Tandoori dishes are complimented by Chef’s special sauce, rice and salad)
      Classic Chicken or Lamb Tikka, marinated and cooked in the Tandoor

    • Fish & Chips

      Golden Haddock deep-fried with Chips

    • Optional Extras

    • Garlic Naan or Peshwari Naan

    • Dish with King prawns

    • Dish with Prawns

    • Desserts

    • Tea

    • Coffee

    • Ice Cream

    • Gulab Jamun with Ice Cream